Fees & Charges

Everyone's dreams, needs and financial situations are different. The level of financial planning services and related products you may need from InvestorOne will also be unique and will have a direct bearing on your fees.

Your initial meeting

Your initial consultation with an InvestorOne advisor will incur a small fee that may be offset against future products and services. Although the initial consultation will not include a written plan or recommendations, the advisor will answer your questions about initial and ongoing costs and fees and let you know what you can expect to receive.

Financial planning fees

As an InvestorOne client, you pay fees for ongoing financial planning that you receive from an advisor. These fees will vary from one client to another based on the complexity of your financial situation.

Products & Services

If you choose to implement your financial plan with InvestorOne, brokerage fees and commissions based on products and services you purchase will also be involved. InvestorOne also provides various investment and asset protection products direct to the public. Discounts apply for Private Clients.

InvestorOne Private Clients

InvestorOne Private Clients share a unique range of products & services only available to InvestorOne Private Clients.

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